"Pawsible" Homes

Searching for a new home when you have treasured pets can be a challenge. You need to find a property that works for you and for your pets. I will find “pawsible” homes that meet your needs.

Most cities in the Edmonton area have municipal bylaws that allow up to 6 cats and 3 dogs per residence. If your budget allows buying a detached house or attached duplex or triplex these properties have the fewest pet restrictions, and generally include a private yard even if it’s tiny.

If your home search dictates lower property prices your most affordable choice may be a condo, either apartment, duplex, or townhome style. Most condominiums, though, have serious pet restrictions especially for large dog breeds. Bylaws usually limit pet type, breed, height, weight, or number (including NO PETS AT ALL). Pets almost always have to be approved by the condo Board well in advance of your move in date.

I can help you interpret the specific pet restrictions in condo bylaws and determine whether your pets have a chance to be approved by the Board. If you own pets and are buying a condo remember your best approach is to have an experienced REALTOR®.

Deb Moon helped me find a fabulous home for myself, kids and fur babies!! She made my home purchase a breeze! Being a first time buyer the process was pretty nerve racking and daunting, but Deb showed me all the options, explained the details of each property we saw, researched the communities, knew where the schools and dog parks were, and helped facilitate every detail of my purchase.

I couldn’t have asked for a better first time home buying experience. Thank you so much Deb!

– Lisa S.